Modern Social Media Equals - Association…Status…Celebrity!

Our digital magazines are a platform where we position true experts in their field, people like you, alongside other celebrities and famous professionals, to enhance and elevate your personal brand.

Through our exclusive Millionairess Magazine Brand, we’re able to secure high level contributors who share their knowledge, wisdom and success strategies with everyday women, through personal interviews with our Editor In Chief, Amanda Jane Clarkson.

We then position you alongside them as equals, and this association, along with our exclusive digital magazine marketing strategy, often elevates you to another level of status and celebrity.

Through our team of experts, we draw out your skills, knowledge and wisdom. We then craft and showcase your story alongside these high level celebrities and experts. Association Marketing is a powerful way to position you as an expert and celebrity in your own right,
and we are masters at it.

"Applying this Expert Celebrity strategy, allowed us to create over $60 Million in sales from one business alone and many millions more in others."

We then add you to our list of Celebrity contributors and you get…

  • A fully edited and polished interview with our Editor-In-Chief that allows you to share your story and position yourself as the best of the best, in your industry.
  • Your interview is added to our podcast on all major podcast platforms
  • Your video is added to our Youtube channel, where you are seen next to other celebrities and successful experts from all industries, tv shows and walks of life
  • A feature story in the Millionairess Magazine alongside celebrities, in either the monthly or one-off special editions.
  • Printed copies of the magazine you're in professionally printed and sent to you to give away to your most valued clients and potential new prospects
  • Marketing graphics, professional media kit and an exclusive one month, social media campaign to elevate you next to the expert or celebrity in the magazine issue you're featured in
  • Comprehensive Local and Nationwide paid media exposure on the social media platforms done for you by our leading social media agency, to ensure the maximum amount of people see you alongside other celebrities in our marketing
  • A Star on the global map of Millionairess Magazine Contributors

The benefits are exponentially leveraged by our team, to ensure you get seen locally and nationally by your demographic of future customers, existing customers and industry peers.

Imagine what your business could look like if you too were able to leverage this opportunity and share your new Celebrity status with existing and potentially new clients?

Don't waste any more time, simply enquire below to see if you qualify and request a call with one of our Celebrity Business Agents…