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Become the Celebrity In Your Chosen Field & Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

Meet Amanda Jane

Become The Celebrity In Your Marketplace To Grow Your Business

Are you sick and tired of losing business to people or companies who are clearly not as qualified, not as professional, or not as caring as you?

Business has never been tougher…there are so many things stacked against us that it sometimes makes you wonder why you’re even giving it your all, to create success in business.

I get it…I’ve started 14 businesses over the last 30 years and 7 have been miserable failures; while another 7 have been successful and 3 of those, were multi-million dollar power houses.

But something very special happened that made everything else possible…

The most successful business venture happened when I created my own Celebrity and Status by declaring one of the worlds leading experts in my  chosen field.

I stumbled upon the secret power of Association…Status…Celebrity, and along with a business model to match…everything else just fell into place.

“By declaring myself as an expert, I began to get invited to speak and appear with celebrities and experts far more advanced than I was, initially."

I shared the stage and the spotlight with people like…Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, a US President, Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Media Game changer Ita Buttrose to name a few.

I’ve interviewed Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker fame, Captain Sandy Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean, Cynthia Bailey from Real House Wives Of Atlanta, Sarah Baeumler star of Brian Inc. & Renovation Island and many, many more.

Simply being Associated with high level Celebrities and Industry Leaders, can lead to an elevating of your own business and expert status and possibly even Celebrity status; if you know how to maximise the opportunities that come your way.

At Millionairess Media, we’ve created an exclusive and unique way to elevate anyone, from any industry and position them alongside these celebrities.

Here’s the simple steps to get started…

  • Step 1 Request a Celebrity Strategy Session to see if you qualify
  • Step 2 Secure the magazine issue that best suits your industry & appear alongside a celebrity or recognized industry leader
  • Step 3 Conduct exclusive video interview with our Editor-In-Chief
  • Step 4 Share the Digital Magazine, Video Interview, Podcast & Marketing Creative we supply
  • Step 5 Invite New clients to get to know you with your exclusive celebrity material above

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